An Elegy for the Lost City: Starters
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An Elegy for the Lost City: Starters and the serialized soundtrack CD of Elegy Chapter One featuring the music of: Louis Armstrong, the Beatles, Dr. John, Preservation Hall Band, Professor Longhair, Dean Martin and many more artists.

As the Aquarian Age dawns, a child is fated to begin playing trumpet like a lifelong master on the day after Louis Armstrong dies. Meanwhile, there’s scandal in the New Orleans Garden District as rebellious well-kept hippie kids of the Old Line Dufossats intermarry edgy Silverman’s; their only male progeny seen as savior to the diminishing original French Line.

Set in New Orleans’ spicy realms of music and restaurants, superstars merge like Zelig and Gump in a mélange of Buddhists and Jews, mixed seekers and taboo sinners. Elegy’s rich, curiously interconnected cast swims this stormy swamp, reminiscent of the quirky outrageous whack-jobs in A Confederacy of Dunces.

Dive into this pop culture countdown to apocalypse, a baby boomer’s guide to the galaxy, spanning three centuries of Deep South survivors, a wild panorama of everything from Beatles to baseball with the Crescent City as epicenter; a thrill ride like no other.

The battered Big Easy is an allegory for today’s world, as our characters endure the lingering tragic aftermath of natural and man-made disasters, pitiable neglect, and criminal ineptitude inflicted by our own governments. A 21st Century speculation, offering a glimpse, a very possible vision: "Welcome to our future, here on Planet Earth."

Illustrating New Orleans richly and thoroughly throughout Elegy is the featured photography of the late Michael P. Smith and Roy Guste, two of New Orleans’ best known visual chroniclers of the Big Easy street culture. Smith’s pictures of Jazz Fest and his evocative photography capturing the Spiritual Church, Mardi Gras Indians and funereal Second Line cultures are internationally acclaimed. Lensman Roy Guste is also an award-winning author, historian and writer of cookbooks. In addition to his moody, techno-magic treatment of classic New Orleans scenes, he’s chief chronicler of the Crescent City’s colorful, still steamy southern decadence world of burlesque.

The "World's 1st AudioBook in RadioForm"

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Presented also as serialized radio drama, An Elegy for the Lost City is a uniquely multi-media novel, a new-fangled take on an old school media. Elegy weaves an entertaining score of widely varied popular music with fictional characters born of the author's original songs on New Orleans.

“Anyone who loves American music, old and new, will love Goldstein's funky, affectionate, and jazz-resonant saga.”
--Michael Lydon, a Founding Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine


“Goldstein's free-flowing prose, peppered with stinging humor propels the reader into the twilit, perfumed courtyards of the mysterious city and into the quirky, soulful spirits of its multi-racial denizens. A book to be savored like a spicy crawfish bisque.”

--Michael Lydon
A Founding Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine

“Very cool and very funny—ambitious, it has a DeLillo-like sweep, with a wonderfully American sense and sensibility.”
-- Daniel Menaker
Retired Random House Executive Editor-in-chief, and
former Fiction Editor of The New Yorker

“Like a deep-South, down River Lake Wobegon, only with a truly funny, hipster host instead of that doltish clod.”
-- Willy Holtzman
Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright,
Peabody Award and Writer’s Guild
Award winner

Author Bio

Johnny Goldstein is a Woodstock Generation New Orleanian, forced upriver to St. Louis by life's circumstance. An award-winning songwriter/composer, guitarist, beloved teacher and producer and now, an author, Goldstein was influenced by Dickens, Twain, John Irving, Vonnegut, Kozinski and Koontz. He's an easily-crazed Cardinal fan, a passionate cook, gardener and critter lover, and much to his surprise-- for the last 30 years a serious meditator, preternaturally drawn to an ancient Tibetan lineage.

An Elegy for the Lost City is based on three characters from Goldstein's original songs. The fiction series would not exist had his performing career not been ended by a 2006 car accident.

Like the musical child prodigy at the center of Elegy, Goldstein grew up listening to Satchmo and Louie Prima; later he attended Tulane University in New Orleans. The author formed a visceral, spiritual connection to the city in much the same way another character in his novel responds: "I felt as if I was more completely alive than I had ever been before; a resonance that I was meant to be in New Orleans."

"An Elegy for the Lost City: Starter"s is the first volume in this multimedia series of books and audiobooks by Johnny Goldstein.